Christmas Break Activities


Now that all the presents have been unwrapped and the fervor of Christmas activities are over, your child may feel a little meh. However there are still plenty of fun projects to do. The children here in west Georgia have another week of break left before heading back to school in January. Here’s a list of my favorite things to do.

Take a winter nature walk: Jim and I actually did this yesterday. After attending church, we took a walk on the Greenbelt which runs behind it. This is a great time for getting outdoors. We feel better with the exercise. We’re breathing in clean fresh air. Also our vision is not hampered by  spring and summer foliage. Look for beautiful or unusual patterns in the barks of trees. Notice seed pods clinging to trees and bushes which serve as food for a variety of wildlife. Feel the moss growing on trees or on the ground. See how many bird’s or squirrel’s nests you can spot. Even on a cold day, you’ll warm quickly and can look forward to a cup of cocoa when you return.

Decorate a tree for the birds: The birds don’t know Christmas is over, plus it is only the second day of Christmas. String popcorn  and cranberries and slice some oranges. to put on a tree which can be viewed from inside. For my tree, I plan to attach some sumac berries with floral wire. And I discovered a recipe for  cute birdseed ornaments here which can be made with gelatin using cookie cutters. Have fun decorating, then enjoy the show put on by your feathered friends.

Visit a nursing home. This is such a lonely time of year for residents. As a girl, this was an activity I participated in with my church, but it’s not necessary to be part of an organized group. You may want to call ahead and let the staff know you would like to visit. They can direct you to the people who would most enjoy your company. You might even have your children bring along a short book to read. This can be a great opportunity to discuss the different ways of giving.

How will you and your children spend the remainder of break?