2016 National Public Gardens Day


This opportunity comes once each year- the Friday preceding Mother’s Day. Many public gardens around the country participate in National Public Gardens Day by offering free or discounted admission. As you may have gathered from previous posts, I love spending time outdoors, and I enjoy learning about flora and fauna. Two years ago, Jim and I took advantage of National Public Gardens Day to visit Callaway Gardens. We had such a great time! We attended a birds of prey program where the birds flew low over our heads from one handler to the other. On the guided wildflower hike, we not only saw many varieties of native flowers but spotted a tree frog and a couple of queen snakes. The many species of butterflies in the Day butterfly center amazed me. There was always a staff member nearby to answer questions, and we have continued to add to our knowledge with a butterfly field guide purchased from the gift shop.

So be sure to check for a garden near you to visit on May 6. I wish I could visit them all. Which gardens have you visited?



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