5 Days of Fun, Frugal, Summer Activities: Day 4


Explore the Greenbelt. You can stretch this into a summer adventure by taking one segment at a time. The loop contains sixteen miles of paved pathways around Carrollton which you can walk or bike. In fact, you can use any non-motorized mode of transportation. Use this map to choose a starting point. Your journey can become an opportunity to develop your child’s map reading skills. Be sure to make plenty of stops just to enjoy the scenic beauty, listen to birds, and watch wildlife. Near Hobb’s Farm, take a break at the wetlands area overlook. If you’re patient, you’re sure to spot something interesting. Several parks are located on or near the trail so pack a picnic lunch and save some bread for feeding the ducks on Lake Carroll.

If you would like a longer, more strenuous course, try the Silver Comet Trail which extends from 285 to the Georgia/Alabama border. Please comment on any other trails you enjoy.


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