I finally know what I want to be when I grow up! I have found a career which I believe fulfills my God given purpose: helping others learn and become better thinkers through one-on-one tutoring. Understanding how each person learns helps me better teach them.  While I’m not overly concerned about grades, I know that when someone comprehends the material taught, then they can improve their grades. Sharing in the joy of good grades is an added benefit of my job. 

I am blessed to have held a variety of jobs. As a private tutor, I can draw from all my experiences to aid in my teaching. My career started when I became a park ranger. Nature is a great teacher and getting outdoors is a regular theme on The Learning Tutor. In addition to several seasonal appointments, I spent eight years working at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield, a Civil War site which is part of the Georgia state park system. During my years there, I researched primary documents to improve interpretive programs, led battlefield tours, coordinated activities for school groups, and demonstrated pioneer skills such as candle dipping. As you can see I’ve always been involved in education.

I have also spent ten years in the classroom, teaching elementary through college level pupils. After completing my master’s degree, I taught history at the University of West Georgia and Floyd College(now called Highlands College). My focus was not on learning dates but understanding the factors leading to important events. Later, I taught all subjects for fifth and sixth grades at Plantation Christian Academy. After leaving that position, I began working as a private tutor.

My husband and I have been married for over thirty years. Jim is the kindest man I know and my biggest fan. We both enjoy watching wildlife whether it’s the butterflies who visit our flowers or the hawks who hunt around our house. We also like to complete home projects together. Although we don’t have any biological children, we have many “surrogate” children. In addition, we have two fur babies, a sweet calico cat named Angel, she often likes to nap nearby.  Two years ago, we rescued an abandoned day old kitten. Roo, a rambunctious black and white cat, completes our family.

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