My Services

One-on-one tutoring targets the individual’s need, is rigorous, and gets results. For the past fourteen years, I have helped students improve their math, reading, and writing skills. I also offer test preparation for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and numerous other vocational exams. I accept middle school through adult learners. A number of my students have been diagnosed with learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, nonverbal learning disorder, and Aspergers. My pupils have been successful in improving grades, and many have won academic awards and have gone on to take advanced courses. One of my first actions when accepting a new client is to contact his/her teacher so we are coordinating our efforts.

My goal is to provide students with the tools to think critically, so they will gain confidence in their ability to solve problems. For many learners, this can be accomplished in a few sessions. For others, who have processing disorders which make learning more difficult, it can take longer. Then there are a few who come to me because they want to be challenged and taken beyond the instruction they are getting in the classroom. No matter the reason for tutoring, I want each person to reach the point where he/she no longer needs my assistance.

Patience is one of my strengths; I understand that a concept may need to be retaught several times before it is mastered. I’m flexible and will adapt to my students’ needs, such as allowing for movement. Tutoring sessions can be held in person in Hazel Green or anywhere online. If interested in my services, please call me to schedule a free, no obligation consultation: 256-541-8148.

Rates: $35/one hour session.

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